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Foodservice distribution

We specialize in distributing goods for foodservice industry, aiming to continue setting new trends and ensure ultimate dining experience for your guests.

Foodservice distribution

Hospitality is an art which requires creativity, and if you are doing it with a passion, supported by well-equipped organization, then success is guaranteed. Our mission is to become added value for all our clients by contributing to the improvement of their business. One example is our product portfolio which is a collection of helpful hints from our clients. Our goal is to establish new trends within hospitality industry and to ensure our local restaurants are a fair match to their world-class counterparts.

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For these reasons, we specialize in distribution of products for catering industry, where deliveries within 24hrs are daily dispatched to restaurants across Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition to the wide range of products growing daily, we offer consulting services, as well as services of our call-center; all in order to help our clients differentiate their offer, attract more customers and increase their profit.

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