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Talent Quest

Talent Quest (TQ) is a program designed to provide young people with the opportunity to discover their true potential and fully develop their abilities, as well as improve their business skills and talent.

Talent Quest consists of several programs designed to help young people develop their business skills and abilities. Our long-term goal is to develop successful managers working on long-term results.

By participating in our Talent Quest program, you will be introduced to all aspects of our work, and potentially, your future employment.

During your journey through our departments, you will learn the foundations of logistics, procurement, marketing, sales, finance, administration, IT and human resources management.

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Impressions of participants in Talent Quest

Talent Quest program is a great opportunity for all young people who want to develop their business skills after graduation. Personally, Talent Quest program was both an opportunity and a challenge. The program provided us with the opportunity to apply the knowledge we gained at school, but also to face the challenges in terms of coping with daily business responsibilities and tasks. As beginnings are always difficult, the beginning of the TQ program was a difficult period for me as well. It took great will and desire to learn, to understand business responsibilities, in order to take business as pleasure rather than duty. The best way to measure your professional development is to be aware that it is valued by taking over more responsibilities. In addition to everyday business challenges, TQ gave us with the opportunity to meet many important people from the business sector and secured professional training. I would recommend everyone to apply for this program because this is once in a lifetime opportunity that should not to be missed.

Jasmina Maličević

We are witnessing the increasing outflow of young and promising personnel from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Megamix, as one of the leading distribution companies in BiH, through the TQ provides an opportunity for young, ambitious and educated people to acquire their first job in the preferred field of FMCG industry. The concept itself is designed to ensure all TQ fellows one-year practice in all sectors of business and specialization in the segment where they can contribute the most. I took part in TQ and in a very short time, with the help of colleagues and knowledge gained, I started working as Junior KAM. I would like to use this opportunity to recommend all recent graduates to apply for Megamix TQ program and start their professional training in this prestigious company.

Ajdin Memišević

Megamix Talent Quest program is definitely a model all companies in our country should follow. This program gave me the opportunity to quickly learn how departments within successful and serious company operate. Emphasis is placed on continuous education rewarding innovative ideas and proposals. The warm atmosphere is an additional benefit which helps in overcoming the fear that most of us have at our first work place.

Šejla Ajanović